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Ledgemere Preschool

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At Ledgemere we embrace the child as a whole, respecting their style of learning, playing, and exploration.

As we meet children where they are developmentally, it allows us as educators to understand how we can best support their interests, strengths, and challenges.

We believe play based learning gives
our children the space to lead, negotiate, cooperate, and learn from each other
while having the support of teachers to listen, encourage and expand on their play or experiences.

We offer a classroom that is warm, inviting, nurturing, and full of opportunities for the children to feel safe, comfortable, and excited to learn alongside us. Giving children the chance to express themselves while surrounded by materials and experiences that foster curiosity creates an environment of wonder and interest. We welcome children, honoring them as individuals while offering them a space to laugh, play, navigate, react, and open their eyes to absorb the world around them.

About Ledgemere Preschool

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Our History

Learn about Frances York’s legacy.

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Our Teachers

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The Ledgemere Difference

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  • We offer a variety of open ended materials and activities to the children, allowing curiosity to lead them to spaces and experiences that are of interest to them.
  • Our outside space is an extension of our classroom as we value the natural world and the joy and wonder it can bring to a child.
  • As the school is their space we ask that the children actively care for it by taking on roles and responsibilities throughout the day to embrace our community.
  • We allow flexibility within our schedule and welcome moving in different directions if the children take us there.
  • We recognize the need to be centered and offer moments of mindfulness and yoga.
  • We provide opportunities and strategies for social emotional growth, talking through feelings as the children navigate peer interactions and relationships.
  • We support children in building self help skills as a step in building independence and pride in their accomplishments.
  • We foster relationships with the whole family as we are working together to support the child in their growth and success.
  • We honor children’s voices as we listen, support, and respect their perspectives, ideas, and decisions.
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