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A Ledgemere Country Day School class photo from 1947

Our History

Frances York’s Legacy

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In 1935, Frances York opened Ledgemere Country Day School, a nursery school and kindergarten open to the community. What is now the main house was used for the classrooms and a beautifully built yard off the porch was used as the playground. Frances continued to operate Ledgemere until 1966. Since then, the campus has expanded and students enjoy a dedicated 2 story classroom with an expansive playground and forest to explore.

There have been seven owners who have carried on Frances’ legacy. As we look to the past we thank Kenneth Miller, Richard Whiting, Noice and Lois Eastman, Alec and Susan Livingston, Bill and Joni Hewitt, BJ and Diane Nicholson, and current owners Tess and Jim Glanville for continuing to realize Frances’ vision of offering a beautiful school where children can learn, explore, grow, connect, and share experiences.

An antique photo of the Ledgemere School
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An antique photo of children playing on a play structure
A Ledgemere Kiddie Kamp photo from 1967