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Our Teachers

Tess Glanville

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Tess Glanville, Teacher at Ledgemere Preschool

Tess, a native of Cape Elizabeth, returned to Maine after spending many years raising her family and teaching at a nature based preschool in Vermont.

Tess’s teaching philosophy is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning which embraces the whole child, respecting their style of learning and allowing the children to express themselves while surrounded by materials and experiences that foster curiosity and wonder. Meeting children where they are, encouraging them, and supporting them as they investigate and question their surroundings inspires Tess. She appreciates what each child brings to the table and honors who they are and what they have to offer. Providing a nurturing environment that promotes confidence and independence is what she strives to achieve for her learners. She looks forward to observing, listening, and forming relationships with the children as they explore, learn, and challenge themselves. Tess loves ways to organically weave curriculum into the day through books, art, cooking, games, and conversation. Spending her days with children is inspiring and Tess loves being able to join them as they laugh, play, and explore.

In her free time Tess enjoys reading, gardening, playing tennis, and spending time with her daughter Spencer, son Jack, and husband Jim.

Nikki McKeen

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Nikki has over twenty years of experience working with preschoolers and their families in various capacities. She is particularly fond of the Reggio practice and the emergent learning opportunities. Her teaching style holds the teacher in the role of patient, kind, and loving facilitator of exploration and investigation. Her philosophy involves a comfortable pace and peaceful rhythm that allows time to support social emotional and executive functioning growth. She considers the classroom an extension of home and ensures that it is a place where each individual feels comfortable, safe, and listened to (a nest). Nikki prides herself in creating an environment that fosters respect and offers creative opportunities for all who attend. Her philosophy considers the larger scope and vision of the school and turns the focus toward a unified mission that involves empathy and compassion for classmates and teachers. She loves to witness this mission in action as the students take these visions and apply them as citizens beyond the classroom.

Nikki lives in Freeport with her husband Mitch and is the mother of two daughters, Chloe and Sophie. When she is not soaking up the wondrous energy of preschoolers, she can be found seeking out opportunities in nature. Nikki enjoys traveling with her family, health and wellness practices, and spending time at the ocean. She is looking forward to learning more about your children’s interests and how to best incorporate them into meaningful classroom activities.

Nikki McKeen, teacher at Ledgemere Preschool